The most advanced biotechnology
for your comfort.

Airfit making these products highly breathable. The basic raw material (latex) is an aqueous emulsion of an organic polymer.

For insoles

This is obtained in a sustainable manner from the resin of the rubber trees from Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil.

Natural Latex

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Airfit Physical Structure

From farm, to finish

Leather is a time honored material 

and thus our commitment is to using traditional tanning methods and sourcing from animals that were raised organically on green pastures.

The cows come from farms dedicated to the food industry, no animal has been sacrificed to obtain only its skin.

Total commitment to the enviroment

  • We closely adhere to all environmental standards and regulations.

  • We use vegetable and friendly to the environment products.

  • We have our own wastewater treatment plant.

  • We use water-based products to finish our leathers.

  • We use solar panels to reduce emissions of combustion gases.

As good as new, for longer.

Properly cared for, veg-tanned leather can last a lifetime, making it a more sustainable material than chrome tanned leather, or even "vegan" petrochemical based leather substitutes.